slating callidus roofing


Slating is the oldest form of roof coverings in the U.K and probably still the best.

Slate roofs can last hundreds of years with other factors being the cause of failure such as nail fatigue or rotting battens.

Modern methods of roofing with slate using breathable underlay, treated batten and copper nails means slating gives you a superior roof that will out last all other products.

tiling callidus roofing


Tiling comes in many forms from large concrete pan tiles through to clay plain ( small) tiles.

The market range is vast and there is a product to suit all buildings.

With stringent fixing specifications and good product guarantees, tile roofs are a very good option that cater to all budgets and are aesthetically pleasing.

lead roofing callidus roofing


Lead still remains the product of choice for weathering roof junctions, difficult details and that feature bay window or dormer.

All our lead work is carried out in strict accordance with the lead sheet associations (Lsa) code of practice.

flat roofing callidus roofing


Flat roofing has traditionally been the problem area of roof coverings.

Modern methods using elastomeric torch on felts, liquids, rubber and PVC give flat roofs flexibility to move with the building eradicating the old problems of felt cracking and causing leaks.

We are approved contractors for Kemper systems, cold liquid roofing, cold liquid is fast becoming the first choice for flat roofing with no need for heat and fantastic product guarantees.